About GSP.

What we do

GSP furniture designs and creates high-quality bespoke furniture to cater to the needs and vision of each client. We incorporate our belief that furniture is the soul of any space and make sure that your furnishings outshine everything else.

Based in South East London, our founder/creator Preetesh has had a successful and recognized career of over 8 years in the industry of bespoke furniture making. His talents and creations have evolved over the years which has honed his craftsmanship skills considerably and allowed him to create magic with his designs and a few pieces of wood. From dining room tables to office cabinets, he has turned the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Material selection  

Preetesh and his team have extensive knowledge and experience in the variety of possible materials that can be chosen for different sorts of projects, and the techniques and tools that are used to create our highly sought after bespoke furnishings. Preetesh has been able to incorporate the use of different materials such as wood, metal, and glass to create breathtaking pieces of pure art that double as comfortable furniture!

GSP works with the finest quality materials and has a careful selection and inventory process. We believe that the furniture can only be as good as the material used to create it, which is why we ensure that only the highest quality raw material is selected for your bespoke furniture, all the while paying attention to colour, grain, and structure.

The process

We understand the importance of vision and ideas when it comes to furnishing your office or your house. We also know that you have a certain dream when it comes to your furniture and the way it brings life to any space. Preetesh’s passion for the products he creates is shown in the time he takes out of his regular busy schedule to meet with clients personally so he can understand their exact needs and requirements.

This is exactly how our team pays special attention to each customer by following their vision, reaching a mutual consensus on the design, finalizing designs and ideas before manufacturing, and even ensuring that you are a part of the manufacturing and finishing the process by staying in touch and updating you throughout.

We take great care and pay all of our attention to each and every intricate detail at every single step of the way, from purchasing timber to turning it into a beautiful armchair. This is how we can ensure that every detail is according to the client’s vision, from the texture to the color.

We also have expertise in a wide variety of finishes; from high gloss lacquers to oils. Whether you are looking for traditional furnishings or contemporary furniture, you can trust GSP to cater to your every need!


We do not simply deal with home furnishing. No matter how small your order or how large your project, GSP has the manpower, the dedication, and the expertise to ensure that everything you wish is up to your standards.

We at GSP are committed to excellence at all costs, and this level of dedication can be seen in our dealings with you. Our professionalism and our attention to detail can be seen in all our furniture.

No matter how big or small your project is, GSP is committed to excellence and applies the same level of dedication, professionalism, and attention to every piece of furniture we create. Feel free to browse through our gallery to look for yourself!

GSP has had years of experience of creating furniture for a range of domestic and corporate clients, so trust us to make your furniture the best you can ever have.